I think that im lesbian, and maybe im in love for a girl, but my friends doesnt understand me and the most of them think that be lesbian is disgusting and wrong, but i dont wanna hide myself them... What i should do? )):

Well, real friends won’t let you down. That’s something I learned. I personally wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who doesn’t accept me because of my sexuality. It doesn’t even make sense. 

Would you do LDR?

Sure. Why not.

"Turn Color On" Campaign by ‘Joe Fresh’ ft. Sophia Bush (x)

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I'm 22, born in New Orleans, Louisana. Part Southern Belle, part punk rocker, part Voodoo Queen, part 50s housewife on lithium. I can cook better than (almost) anyone I know. I love music and dancing and drinking and fucking and nature and culture and travel. I have a little boy dog named Mr. Django Chubbz. He's a blue heeler and he is my life. I'm street smart, not super book smart, but I love to read and absorb information about things that interest me like a little knowledge sponge.

You cook <3333333333333333 love me already.